Babolat custom damp

Conçu pour le joueur intermédiaire ou expert qui veut réduire les vibrations du cordage et personnaliser son matériel. FILTRATION ACTIVE AVEC LA RONDELLE . This customizable dampener allows you to choose the level of vibration dampening you want in your racquet.

Keep the clear rubber piece in the middle for extra . The Custom Damp allows players to adjust the dampening effects to fit their personal preferences by choosing to play with or without the capsule containing tiny . These dampeners preserve the original sound while filtering out unwanted vibrations. Délai de livraison: 2-jours ouvrables.

Le Custom Damp est un antivibratoire personnalisable selon le degré damortissement des vibrations souhaité:, tennis et . Customize your level of dampening with the Custom Damp from Babalot! Designed for intermediate and expert players wanting to dampen string vibrations and personalise their equipment. This special edition Wimbledon pack comes with two different dampeners in . Descriptif :ANTI-VIBRATEUR TENNIS BABOLAT CUSTOM DAMP X2.

Babolat Custom Damp is an anti-vibration system customized to the degree of cushioning desired by the player. Get an excellent level of dampening with the Custom Damp from Babolat. Wilson – Babolat – Head – Prince – Adidas – Nike – Gamma . A special edition dampener from Babolat, this pack celebrates the French Open.

Antivibrateur Babolat Custom damp – tennis. The active dampener with the O ring includes an additional insert that allows the player to easily . Babolat custom damp tennis vibration amortisseurs (pack de 2). Prix public conseillé : €. Find great deals on for babolat custom damp.