Green pin shackles

Meets performance requirements of. Screw pin shackles are used mainly for non-permanent applications. Grade quenched and tempered.

User manual and safe use instructions for APLB (LBO) lifting points ! Van Beest shackles are renowned worldwide for thier . Green Pin shackles – the most important informations ! Log-in or register for your pricing.

General: Dee shackle with safety bolt. Galvanize forged carbon steel, heat treate with alloy pins, permanently marked with Trade Size and . Their top quality certified shackles . You can trust green pin anchor shackles to handle your toughest lifting jobs. GREEN PIN SHACKLES (VAN BEEST, HOLLAND). We are sending to whole European Union!

We have Bow and Dee shackles available as well as safety pin, screw pin, countersunk . Our economy lifting tackle range. WLL = working load limit (6:1) g = weight.

Our mobile facilities, all of which are NATA endorse allow us to inspect, . Usable in temperatures between -20°C and +200°C, DNV type approved product. Sometimes shackles are not used for lifting applications but for more permanent constructions. In the earlier days of subsea lifting, special shackles for use by. Bishop supplies high quality US fed specification shackles all across UK.

Bow shackles with screw collar pin.