Metal clay

Official UK Art Clay metal clay distributor. Everything you need for jewellery making. Art Clay Silver clay, copper and gol COPPRclay and BRONZclay, Premo . Metal Clay ‎Tools Accessories ‎Resin ‎Stamping TexturingMETAL CLAY – A la découverte des pâtes métalliques Pôle bijou.

La pâte à métal précieux, ou pâte d’argent, est une matière malléable composée entièrement. Japon : Precious Metal Clay de Mitsubishi Materials Corporation et Art Clay Silver de Aida Chemicals. Metal clay is a crafting medium consisting of very small particles of metal such as silver, gol bronze, or copper mixed with an organic binder and water for use . Precious Metal Clay and Art Clay are so simple to work with that anyone can create beautiful pure silver jewelry and other silver works of art. Precious Metal Clay and Art Clay Silver clay are moldable and made of pure gol silver, copper or bronze.

En savoir plus sur Metal Clay à Baccarat : toutes les informations et dates avec L’Est Républicain. Metal clay distributor selling PMC Silver, PMC Gol Bronze Clay, Copper Clay, and supplies all at discount prices. There are many examples and definitions of what metal clay is, how it was develope differences in types, etc.

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