Mouth coil

Déclarez que vous capable de manger des quantités de coton. Faites sortir de votre bouche, une quantité incroyable de papier! Un effet toujours impressionnant sur le .

Throw Streamers Multi-Colored (pack). Made by Bazar de Magia in Argentina and rarely found in the UK, these are without doubt, the very best mouth coils available! Simply pop in the mouth and pull . A slim version of the classic mouth coil which is so popular among magicians.

This slim version is easier to hide in hand or in mouth. Imagine the looks of surprise and astonishment when you produce meters of paper from your empty mouth. The Effect: Tear small pieces of white tissue paper . Avalez des morceaux de papiers ou de coton, Marquez une pause puis vous sortez de votre bouche environ mètres de ruban blanc!

After eating some pieces of cotton wool, the magician amazes the audience by pulling an endless white streamer from his mouth. Kingmagic mouth coil (Colorful) – Colorful mouth pull the paper (vomit paper): pure white mouth pulls the paper, very high quality color on the stage lights more . Effect These are the most popular Cresey mouth coils. Each coil is feet long and has been tightly . Nous acceptons MasterCar Visa et PayPal pour les achats en ligne et Amex, MasterCar Visa et Débit (Interac) pour les achats effectués en magasin.

Cet effet classique est si populaire parmi les magiciens. Each package contains non-reusable coils, . A fantastic comedy item used mainly by clowns. The idea is simple, up to 1yards of multi-colored streamers may be produced continuously from your mouth, . Papier-Bündel die problemlos in den Mund passen und beim Herausziehen . Effect: Magician after showing his hands empty.

Mouth Coil Ft Cresey (money).