Roller tamper

Cette vidéo vous expliquera comment utiliser le roller tamper avant la lisseuse magnésium. Le roller tamper ou aussi appelé lissarde permet de faciliter le lissage du béton après son coulage. Il suffit de passer le roller tamper en le faisant rouler sur le .

Livraison rapide partout en France. POLISOL propose pour les professionnels une gamme de produits de qualité et variés pour un résultat optimal. Découvrez notre catalogue ci-dessous.

Poly-Coated Cast Iron Tamper CC9Price: $120. We are committed to leading the construction tool industry and providing the . Find great deals for QLT by Marshalltown T448-inch Roller Tamper. This roller tamp is used to push aggregate in concrete down and to bring the cream up for added workability and strength.

This 10pound plate tamper rental fills the gap between lighter vibe plates and roller compactors. The rolling tamper accomplishes the same result, and it is due to this fact that the. When the roller starts over the plowed roadbed the tampers sink to their hilts.

Manufacturer: Roseburrough Tool Company. Ideal for embedding exposed aggregate.

Quickly levels slab and prepared it for final finish. The Roller Tamp helps to work fat to the surface of the concrete by supressing the major aggregate and allowing the fine material through. Replacement Roller- Tamper Resistant.

Kraft Tool Double Roller Design Roller Tamp (915mm) for concrete finishing. Concrete Double Roller Tamp (915mm).