Pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats de réduction des phosphates et des silicate avec la résine RowaPhos et pour garder dans votre aquarium un niveaux proche . Aquarium Treatments : Pet Supplies. How to flush RowaPhos before implementing into your saltwater aquarium – Duration: 2:21.

It has the largest absorption ability of any . Phosphates and nitrates especially . Here is an excellent article that compares Phosban to Rowaphos. I have often wondered which product was better and judging from the article .

Due to its unique chemistry it has the ability to bind large quantities of phosphate by . Feed Your Fish and Not Your Algae. Unlike most other phosphate removers on the . Rowa RowaPhos, média filtration anti-phosphates, 1kg ou 5kg. I added Rowaphos today (fluidised) and the tank has slowly gone cloudy. The BM is ideal for carbon or biopellets, things that need really vigorous aggressive tumbling. In an independent series of tests carried out by the Berlin Technical University on the five most commonly used phosphate removers at that time, RowaPhos was . RowaPhos RowaPhos is de professionele manier van het verwijderen van fosfaten en silicaten in alle soorten aquaria en vijvers.

Le Rowaphos est un nouveau genre de résine anti-phosphate.

Constant use of the product is recommende . Hi guys anyone running both bio pellets and rowaphos? Consider getting both for my new tank. Gratis Versand durch Amazon schon ab 29€. Rowaphos is de professionele manier van het verwijderen van fosfaat en silicaat in alle soorten aquaria en vijvers.

We love Rowaphos for its huge phosphate capacity and consistent. No matter how much you use, your corals, fish and plants will not be harmed in any . Is it recommended to replace it completely by Bio pellet?