Tube dampers

Silicone qualité Aérospatial , origine Miami US. HAL-O III for extremely hot tubes. UltraSonic SS-Damping Instrument .

I was hoping to get some feedback on various tube dampers that you have tried. Tube Experts – what do you think of tube dampers? Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur , la livraison est rapide. Has anyone ever tried to do DIY .

Or do you just buy the dampers from euro . See link to Customer Comments PDF . The tube dampers are CNC made, in Holland by Duende Criatura. I have read that JJs are particularly prone to rattle in combos. I made THICK circles with an internal . Do you think they are effective in checking . I hope you mean the rings that can be installed on tubes.

You are reading the older HTML site. I have used them on input tubes on various tube amps and preamps.

Two types of coilover damper are available: 1. These rings can be fitted to most tubes that have the same diameter as the 6DJ6N23 . The space between the inner and outer tubes is the balance chamber that accommodates the oil displaced by the retracting piston rod. An economical alternative to more expensive tube . Any of you guys use these things? As Bob correctly states, it reduces the vibrations that matter.

In some cases, however, the effect . Tubes are microphonic, some more than others.